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Thanksgiving Time

Today we sit around the table, couches, on the floor or outside on a patio to say what we are thankful for.  

In my family, we sit around the very large table at my mom's holding hands. Before us sets the large turkey to which  my husband so kindly spent hours preparing and cooking it the day before slaving over it like it was a prized turkey and to him it is.  We have the usual sides, mashed potatoes, stuffing, dirty rice (my mother in law is Cajun and this is a must) and my step dad has made his 2 versions of cranberries homemade!  My husband states the prayer and then we pass the yummy food around.  As a must my mom says lets start and we go around the table saying what we are thankful for.  Most say that they are thankful for the family, their child, their health. During this time our hearts are full (like our belly) we express gratitude towards each other and true family kindness is expressed.  This year I want to say I am thankful for all of my family patience, love and positive support, I will start to tear up when I talk about my children; 26 and 20 now and how they have grown up to be such amazing adults..where did the time go.  (that is for another time to write about)  

I ponder, what do other families do on Thanksgiving day?  Do they hold hands and pray before their meal, do they just sit and talk around the table and then end their meal with desserts?  My grandmother a 92 year old awesome awesome lady still makes her Key Lime Pie - One for each grandchild to take home and one for the table.  

After dinner we all go in the kitchen and clean the dishes, pack leftovers away and continue to enjoys each others company.  

Usually after all of this, pictures are a must!  Since mom lives on 12 acres we go outside poise, laugh, be as silly as we can and capture the best pictures possible.  The laughing is the best part. My grandson jellybean as I call him has the best laugh, free of all stress.

What do other people do after their meal?

Then after all the food, cleaning, pictures, we collaspe on the couch, play on the floor in the living room.  Naps are a must.  Then up from the naps, family gathers their left overs and heads back to reality and I stay at my moms for the night.   I love this time with my mom and grandma. We talk or I talk they listen and say all is going to be okay and you know what they mean it, it's not just a word to them, they believe in me, love me and know it's going to be okay.

What do others do after the Thanksgiving family traditions? 

I am thankful for you and thankful I have love in my life.

Thank You


I would like to thank the community for allowing me serve on the board for the last 4 years. During my tenure I was honored to be able to contribute my time to the students of RRISD. 

4 years ago, my intentions where to do what I could to ensure our teachers and staff had what they needed for the success of our students. On my own personal time, I attended hundreds of hours of training and received a Master Trustee level with Texas School Board Association. I never had an agenda or vendetta against the district, board member or campus situations. I did my homework, I asked questions before the meetings to give the administration time to answer them on the dais. 

As a Trustee I ensured that the School Board was accountable, fiscally responsible with tax-payer money and all funds are used for the benefit of the students first.  This was proven year after year with the AAA Bond rating from Moody and Fitch that we all should be very proud of.

As a grandmother of a child that could be going to go to RRISD I will continue monitor the success of the district to ensure they are successful with their educational needs and options that are as diverse as the students. 

Although we can celebrate our A Rating, there is a lot more the district should do.  I will be watching how the new board members will work hard to continue this and be holding them accountable.

I would like to thank all the wonderful community members that I had the pleasure to speak with that are positive advocates for the district and the people that work so very hard to ensure that daily our students are succeeding.

My hope for this district is the community will come together, work together, lead together not divide the district, this is not what is best for the future of our children.

Again, thank you for the opportunity I had as a RRISD School Board Trustee.

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